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One-of-a-kind guitars.

  • 2009 Gibson Les Paul 1956 Historic R6 VOS

    Sweet Gibson R6!

    This one happens to have a set of Throbak 50′s P90′s (both A5 & A2 magnets)

    Real 50′s PIO Sprague Bumblebee Caps

    Retrospec Steal Studs

    Brass Thumbwheels

    Also not pictured but installed recenty – MartinSixString Vintage Aged Pickguard and Montreux Toggle Switch Washer

    8.7 lbs of sonic bliss!

    IMG_3129 IMG_3128 IMG_3127 IMG_3126 IMG_3125 IMG_3124 IMG_3123 IMG_3122 IMG_3130

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