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  • PRS Modern Eagle 1 NOS

    2012 PRS Modern Eagle I NOS

    This is simply an incredible PRS Modern Eagle I NOS!  This amazing instrument was in the process of being built in 2007 but never left the PRS factory until 2012 when PRS released a batch of these previously unsold Modern Eagle 1 guitars calling them the ” NOS Modern Eagle” model.

    This is an original PRS Modern Eagle with a solid Brazilian rosewood neck and fretboard with a beautiful satin nitro finish.  PRS stopped manufacturing and selling the original Modern Eagle when the CITES treaty prohibited sales and shipment of items made from Brazilian rosewood.  In 2012, it became possible to sell old stock but only in the USA.

    From the PRS website: “For 2012, each one of these “new old stock” instruments has been updated with “tweaked” Phase II tuners. The fretboards have been cleaned and dressed and the necks oiled. Some retain their original pickups, serial numbers, and the original hang tags are included in the cases (a new hangtag was completed as each instrument was re-cased). Others that were set aside earlier in the manufacturing process will be built to current spec. PRS is pleased to make these instruments available for players and collectors in the United States.”

    This incredible instrument has a solid Brazilian Rosewood neck and fretboard with Wide Fat carve. It also has a Private Stock grade flame Maple top and a very thin satin nitro finish.  The top is stunning and stained in Yellow Tiger.   This beauty came with 57/08 pickups and is completely stock with but one exception, the installation of a bone nut.  The total weight of this guitar is scant 7 lbs. 11 oz.

    The original Modern Eagle has been described as a Private Stock style production guitar and is representative of the guitar that Paul Smith personally performed with at the time. In addition to these distinctions, these instruments also feature Brazilian rosewood necks and fretboards. Brazilian rosewood has long been considered by musical instrument builders and collectors as a cherished tone wood with extraordinary aesthetic characteristics and rich sustain. Its exceptional tone and quality arguably make Brazilian rosewood the most coveted wood in the music industry.

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    Pics from Dave’s Guitar Shop when purchased:

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