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One-of-a-kind guitars.

  • MJT / Warmoth Tele

    MJT / Warmoth Tele

    This is one KILLER MJT heavy relic double bound Ash Tele.  It is finished in a nitro custom purple over sunburst.  It has a sweet flamed maple Warmoth 9.5 inch radius neck with a 1 11/16 nut.  The neck has a nice rosewood board with a chunky back and slight V carve.  It has a typical USA fender bridge with brass barrels and a Seymour Duncan five two bridge pickup and a mint green pick guard. No neck pickup but it is wired for standard telecaster specs.

    IMG_2952 IMG_2956 IMG_2958 IMG_2968 IMG_2969 IMG_2972 IMG_2973

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